Distributor:  Autlook
Length:  52 minutes
Date:  2013
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Closed captioning available
Interactive transcript available
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Explores how architects, artists and ordinary problem-solvers are pushing the limits of living space. How low can you go?


How would you feel about carrying your home in your pocket or having clothes to live in?

For most of us, "house" means stability, structure, and permanence. In an age of increasing population and technological advances, today's mobile society has resulted in a demand — or perhaps a dream — for portable dwellings and dwellings in new settings and situations.

Microtopia explores how architects, artists and ordinary problem-solvers are pushing the limits to find answers to their dreams of portability, flexibility and creating independence from "the grid". Modern nomads, homeless people, people in stress, people in need of privacy or seclusion. Microtopia shares the personal reasons behind the dwellings, and shows how they actually work. On the sidewalk, on rooftops, in industrial landscapes and in nature the film reveals how these abodes meet the dreams set up by their creators. Microtopia deals with a contemporary urgent ideas that are addressed, and solved, in a very surprising way.

"a provocative look at the global trends of micro-housing, downsizing, and living off-grid." arch daily

"explores the ideas of moving toward a more reasonable and appropriate approach to lower-impact living, especially in a world that's increasingly focused on mobile and portable solutions." Treehugger


Main credits

Wachtmeister, Jesper (Director)
Kellagher, Jonas (Producer)

Other credits

Director of photography, Kenneth Svedlund; editors, Oscar Willey, Jesper Wachtmeister; composer, Benny Nilsen.

Distributor credits

Jonas Kellagher

Jesper Wachtmeister

Jonas Kellagher

Robert Fox

Director of photography
Kenneth Svedlund

Additional photography
Thomas Hencz
Jesper Wachtmeister

Jesper Wachtmeister
Kenneth Svedlund

Oscar Willey
Jesper Wachtmeister

Production assistant
Petra Backhaus

Animation & VFX
Christian Köhler

Rickard Ahlbäck

Sara Axelsson

Sound design
Jakob Myrman

Art director
Sophie Månsson

Benny Nilsen

Docuseek2 subjects

Sustainable Architecture

Distributor subjects

No distributor subjects provided.


architecture; sustainability; small spaces; housing; micro-housing; off-grid; downsizing; nomad; portable dwelling; "Microtopia"; Autlook; Dre Wapenaar; Ana Rewakowicz; John Wells; Jay Shafer; Aristide Antonas; Richart Sowa; Ion Sorvin; Stephane Malka; Jennifer Siegal

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