Distributor:  Bullfrog Films
Length:  24 minutes
Date:  2000
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 7-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
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God Among the Children

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Community organization works with at-risk youth in Boston.

Life - God Among the Children

The Morning Star Baptist Church in Boston was filled with hundreds of mourners, gathered to pay their last respects to a local parishioner. Suddenly, without warning, violence erupted. Thirteen young men in black hoods strode into the church, picked out someone in one of the pews -- and as he tried to escape from the back of the church -- stabbed him nine times on different parts of his body.

For the African-American clergy serving Boston's inner city community, and for the charismatic Rev. Eugene Rivers in particular, it was the final straw -- the moment they decided they had to do something about the escalating crisis of violence in the city. The result was the formation of the Boston Ten Point Coalition, an ecumenical group working to mobilize the community around issues affecting African-American and Latino youth -- and especially those at risk from violence, drug abuse and other destructive behavior.

The Coalition's goal wasn't to replace the local church -- but to make it more effective in the work of rebuilding community by getting out into the streets -- to 'walk the walk and talk the talk' with the city's growing numbers of alienated and disaffected young people.

'I've found that I've had the most profound theological discussions,' explains the Rev. Jeffrey Brown, 'not in the hallowed corners of some of the seminaries in this area -- but in the street corners, in a park, at midnight on a Friday night.'

'A compelling look at the religious community of Boston's response to overwhelming crime and violence in the inner city.' Global Peace Film Festival


Global Peace Film Festival


Main credits

Pryor, Janice A. (film producer)
Pryor, Janice A. (film director)
Andruszkiewicz, Bob (editor of moving image work)
Rea, Damien (editor of moving image work)
Gawin, Luke (film producer)
Lamb, Robert (editor of moving image work)

Other credits

Music, Union Baptist Church Choir, Cambridge, The Definitive Break; editors, Bob Andruszkiewicz, Abuzz Media, Boston, Damien Rea; series producer, Luke Gawin; series editor, Robert Lamb.

Distributor credits

Television Trust for the Environment

Janis A Pryor

Television Trust for the Environment
Janis A Pryor
Series Editor: Robert Lamb
Executive Producer: Jenny Richards
Series Producer: Luke Gawin

Docuseek2 subjects

American Studies
Youth Issues
Religion and Spirituality
African-American Studies
Latino and Hispanic Studies
Cultural Anthropology
Urban Studies
Conflict Resolution
Social Psychology
American (U.S.) Studies

Distributor subjects

African-American Studies
American Studies
At-risk Youth
Conflict Resolution
Global Issues
Human Rights
Latino and Chicano Studies
Social Justice
United Nations
Urban Studies


community, Boston, African-American, Ten Point Coalition; "God Among the Children"; Bullfrog Films

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