Distributor:  Bullfrog Films
Length:  56 minutes
Date:  1997
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 9-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
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Planet Neighborhood: Home

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Green technology and innovative design save energy.

Planet Neighborhood: Home

Homeowners, architects, builders and an inventor utilize green technologies and innovative design in the construction of new homes and the retrofitting of the old; while residents of one small town show how simple it is to incorporate composting into daily living.

We journey from Plymouth, Mass., where a high-tech 'house doctor' is helping one family retrofit a drafty, energy-draining older home, to Austin, Texas, where architects and builders are joining forces to create a series of brand new 'green' homes. Also on tap is a visit with 'superwindow' creator Roy Gordon and a tour of Bellport, Long Island, whose citizens have become fanatical composters in an attempt to resolve a mounting garbage crisis.

'An eager writer-host, specific examples, and personalizing case studies examine the ways in which homes, workplaces, and communities can create and sustain more affordable, healthier, and environmentally sensitive lifestyles.' Booklist

'Covers a range of environmental issues related to the home and workplace, including energy-saving designs and technologies...Recommended' Rachel Lohafer, Iowa State University, MC Journal

'Did you ever wish you had some audiovisual tools to help demonstrate energy efficiency practices to your clients--or even to your kids?...Home presents energy and resource efficiency from many angles...This video can be enjoyed in offices, highschool classrooms, and living rooms.' Home Energy

'Interesting, informative, and inspiring. If it were offered as part of the curriculum in grade school science classes, our attitude towards environmental responsibility would change.' Conscious Choice

'We have become so used to bad news about the environment...that PLANET NEIGHBORHOOD...comes as an exceedingly pleasant surprise.' The Washington Post


Nationwide PBS Broadcast


Main credits

McDonough, William (Narrator)
Bieber, Jeff (Screenwriter)
Bieber, Jeff (Producer)
Klein, Larry (Producer)

Other credits

Editor, Carol Slatkin; music, Charlie Barnett; principal videographers, Kevin Cloutier, Brian Dowley, Tom Kaufman.

Distributor credits

Jeffrey Bieber
A Production of WETA-TV Washington DC, Executive Producer Richard Thomas, Produced by Larry Klein

Docuseek2 subjects

United States
Sustainable Architecture
Housing and Construction Sector

Distributor subjects

American Studies
Business Practices
Money Management
Renewable Energy
Science, Technology, Society


green technology, architecture, William McDonough, design, retrofit, green homes, energy efficiency, Pliny Fisk, Austin, super windows, Roy Gordon, renewable energy, Bellport,"Home",Bullfrog Films

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