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The Life Series

136 films from the acclaimed Television Trust for the Environment Life series.

Globalization is bringing the world together — and not always in ways we find comfortable. Whether it's the credit crunch, civil conflicts, soaring food prices or climate change, millions today are living Life on the Edge. Life films their stories as they face up to the dangers, disasters and dilemmas of 21st century Planet Earth.

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Roma RightsRoma Rights
Breaking the cycle of Roma poverty and persecution.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 22 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Running On EmptyRunning On Empty
Highlights the plight of two young mothers - one in South Wales and the other in Northern Ethiopia.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2008 ♦ 29 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
School's Out!School's Out!
The private school option in a Lagos shantytown.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 23 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
The Seattle SyndromeThe Seattle Syndrome
Were the WTO protesters right in their effort to protect workers and the environment from exploitation?
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2000 ♦ 25 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Seeing is BelievingSeeing is Believing
Zambia begins a nationwide program to deliver Vitamin A to its population.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2003 ♦ 23 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
The Silent CrisisThe Silent Crisis
The Central African Republic struggles to avoid economic and social chaos.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 26 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
The Silver AgeThe Silver Age
Growing population of elderly worldwide seeks purpose and care.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2000 ♦ 25 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Slum FuturesSlum Futures
The slums of Mumbai are an important microcosm of how slums are developing around the world.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2005 ♦ 23 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Sowing Seeds of HungerSowing Seeds of Hunger
The AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has crippled the agricultural community while forcing children to undertake the responsibilities of farming.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2003 ♦ 27 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Srebrenica - Looking For JusticeSrebrenica - Looking For Justice
Examines the massacre at Srebrenica on its 10th anniversary.
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 23 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult

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