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The African Studies Collection

A collection of films from and about sub-Saharan Africa.

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It's My LifeIt's My Life

Follows HIV-positive South African activist Zackie Achmat, who refuses to take life-saving anti-retroviral drugs until they are made available by the government.

Icarus Films ♦ 2002 ♦ 72 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult

In Jean Rouch's collaborative ethnofiction, three Nigerian men journey to Accra for work.

Icarus Films ♦ 2012 ♦ 88 minutes ♦ 8-12, COLLEGE, ADULT
Kigali Shaolin TempleKigali Shaolin Temple

Kigali Shaolin Temple is a kung-fu club in Rwanda started by a group of orphans from the genocide.

Icarus Films ♦ 2017 ♦ 52 minutes
Killing PovertyKilling Poverty
Has the corruption in Kenya lessened under its new president?
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 27 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Kingsley's CrossingKingsley's Crossing

Kingsley's Crossing is the story of one man's dream to leave the poverty of life in Africa for the promised land of Europe. We walk in his shoes, as photojournalist Olivier Jobard accompanies Kingsley on his uncertain and perilous journey.

MediaStorm ♦ 2006 ♦ 20 minutes ♦ 7-12, college, adults
Ladies in WaitingLadies in Waiting

A profile of the Kitambo maternity clinic in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, revealing the pressures of economic forces on health care delivery in poor countries.

Icarus Films ♦ 2010 ♦ 24 minutes ♦ 9-12, College, Adult
Lagos / KoolhaasLagos / Koolhaas
Renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and students from The Harvard Project on the City explore Lagos, Nigeria, interpreting the chaotic city in an innovative, surprising way.
Icarus Films ♦ 2003 ♦ 55 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Last Grave at DimbazaLast Grave at Dimbaza

Shot secretly and smuggled out of South Africa at the height of the apartheid era, this was the most widely screened and influential anti-apartheid documentary.

Icarus Films ♦ 1974 ♦ 55 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Letters from our LivesLetters from our Lives

Disabled women write open letters to the world about their plight.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 1992 ♦ 26 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Life - A-OK?Life - A-OK?

Examines prospects for Vitamin A distribution programs in Guatemala and Ghana necessary for children's health.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2000 ♦ 24 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult

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