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Black History Month Sampler

A sampler of films to celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month, assigned to February, is an opportunity to explore and reflect on the rich history of struggle and achievement of African Americans in spite of tremendous obstacles.

To help campuses make the most of this month, we have assembled a collection of 16 essential documentaries focused on African-American history.

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The Long Walk To FreedomThe Long Walk To Freedom

A story of 12 ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things in the Civil Rights movement.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2004 ♦ 29 minutes ♦ 7 - 12, College, Adult
Love and SolidarityLove and Solidarity

An exploration of nonviolence and organizing through the life and teachings of Rev. James Lawson.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2016 ♦ 38 minutes ♦ 9 - 12, College, Adults
The Loving StoryThe Loving Story

Oscar-shortlist selection, this is the definitive account of Loving v. Virginia, the landmark 1967 Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage.

Icarus Films ♦ 2012 ♦ 77 minutes ♦ 8-12, College, Adult
Public EnemyPublic Enemy
Icarus Films ♦ 2003 ♦ 50 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Seven Songs for Malcolm XSeven Songs for Malcolm X

An homage to the inspirational African-American civil rights leader.

Icarus Films ♦ 1995 ♦ 52 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
They Are WeThey Are We

Anthropologist's film reunites a family 200 years after they were torn apart by the transatlantic slave trade.

Icarus Films ♦ 2015 ♦ 79 minutes

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