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The Docuseek2 Complete Collection

The entire Docuseek2 collection of films.

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Symbiotic EarthSymbiotic Earth

Explores the life and ideas of Lynn Margulis, a scientific rebel who challenged entrenched theories of evolution to present a new narrative: life evolves through collaboration.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 147 minutes ♦ 7 - 12, College, Adults
A Man's PlaceA Man's Place

Confronted with unforeseen pregnancies and, in most cases, abortions, men reveal their feelings and thoughts.

Icarus Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 58 minutes
The Other Side of EverythingThe Other Side of Everything

A Belgrade apartment divided in two—with one half that has been locked for more than 30 years—tells the story of Serbia's political turmoil.

Icarus Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 104 minutes
The Red SoulThe Red Soul

Why do so many Russians still defend Stalin as a great leader and a hero? Russians speak openly about Joseph Stalin and their traumas, rooted in a violent history.

Icarus Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 90 minutes
Before the FloodBefore the Flood

The residents of the historic Chinese city of Fengjie clash with officials forcing them to evacuate their homes to make way for the world's largest dam.

dGenerate Films ♦ 2012 ♦ 147 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Behind the RainbowBehind the Rainbow

An in-depth exploration into the internal conflicts of the ANC in South Africa, which led to Jacob Zuma's election as president.

Icarus Films ♦ 2010 ♦ 138 minutes ♦ 9-12, COLLEGE, ADULT
Justice at AgadezJustice at Agadez

Agadez, Niger: Alongside the laws of the state, another judicial system exists. The living heritage of the Muslim tradition.

Icarus Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 78 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
The PoetsThe Poets

Follows two West African poets and lifelong friends, Syl Cheney-Coker and Niyi Osundare, as they travel through their home countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria to explore what has shaped their art.

Icarus Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 99 minutes
The HereticThe Heretic

Follows Rob Bell, former founder of a megachurch in Michigan, but now an influential writer and speaker, who spreads a message of love and inclusion and searches for what it means to be human.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 71 minutes ♦ 10 - 12, College, Adults
Plane TruthsPlane Truths

With the "Pivot to Asia" increased activity at the navy base on Whidbey Island, WA is making life unbearable for locals and wildlife - collateral damage in the ever increasing militarization of our society.

Bullfrog Films ♦ 2018 ♦ 33 minutes ♦ 7 - 9, Colleges, Adults

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