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The Docuseek Complete Collection 2nd Edition

All of the Docuseek2 content, to be 1800 titles by the end of 2020. (1,913 titles)

The Docuseek Essential Collection

Essential documentaries for the college and university library. (782 titles)

Docuseek Select

Docuseek Select is a 400-title curate-your-own collection.

The Women Make Movies Collection

Films from Women Make Movies available on Docuseek. (53 titles)

The Docuseek Canadian Collection 2nd Edition

Canadian collection expanded to 1500 titles by 12/31/21 (1,511 titles)

The Docuseek International Collection

Docuseek2 titles available outside of the United States (with some exceptions). (800 titles)

The Anand Patwardhan Collection

The films of India's leading documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan. (19 titles)

The Bullfrog Films Collection

All of the Bullfrog Films titles in the Docuseek2 collection. (753 titles)

The dGenerate Films Collection

A selection of works from dGenerate Films, the leading source of independent film from mainland China. (15 titles)

The Expanded Icarus Films Collection

Films from Icarus Films and related distributors, including Fanlight Productions and dGenerate Films and Autlook. (686 titles)