Distributor:  dGenerate Films
Length:  68 minutes
Date:  2012
Genre:  Expository
Language:  Mandarin / English subtitles
Grade level: 10-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Black and White
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Though I Am Gone

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Pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie uncovers the tragic story of a teacher beaten to death by her students during the Cultural Revolution.

Though I Am Gone

Pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie uncovers the tragic story of a teacher beaten to death by her students during the Cultural Revolution.

In 1966, the Cultural Revolution exploded throughout China, as Mao's Red Guards persecuted suspected Rightists. Bian Zhongyun, the vice principal of a prestigious school in Beijing, was beaten to death by her own students, becoming one of the first victims of the revolutionary violence that would engulf the entire nation.

In THOUGH I AM GONE, Hu draws upon photographs taken by Bian's husband, Wang Jingyao, whose impulse to document his wife's death makes him a spiritual forebear to Hu's fearless work. Hu also incorporates vivid accounts from surviving witnesses and archival footage to depict the deadly madness of the era.

'Packs a powerful punch in just over an hour...Director Hue Jie exploys a collage-like approach, interspersing archival footage and propaganda songs with present day interviews with Wang and other survivors of this tragic period of history.' -Christopher Bourne, Twitch Film

'A profoundly moving memorial to the victims of Mao's senseless political violence.' -Dan Edwards, ReelTime Arts


Main credits

Hu, Jie (film director)
Hu, Jie (director of photography)
Hu, Jie (film editor)
Wang, Jingyao (interviewee)

Distributor credits

HU Jie

Docuseek2 subjects

East Asia
Political History
Politics and Political Science
Asian History
World History
Psychology and Mental Health

Distributor subjects

History (World)
dGenerate Films Collection - Documentaries


HU Jie; Red Guards; Cultural revolution; Beijing; documentary; DVd; film; video; ; "Though I Am Gone"; Icarus Films

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