Distributor:  dGenerate Films
Length:  60 minutes
Date:  2012
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English; Mandarin / English subtitles
Grade level: 10-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
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Queer China, 'Comrade' China

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A comprehensive historical account of the queer movement in modern China

Queer China, 'Comrade' China

China's most prolific homosexual filmmaker presents a comprehensive historical account of the queer movement in modern China. QUEER CHINA, 'COMRADE' CHINA documents the changes and developments in Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender culture that have taken place in China over the last 80 years. Unlike any before, this film explores the historical milestones and ongoing advocacy efforts of the Chinese LGBT community. The film examines how shifting attitudes in law, media and education have transformed queer culture from being an unspeakable taboo to an accepted social identity. The film culminates with the submission of Dr. Li Yinhe's Same-sex Marriage Bill to the Legislative Affairs Commission of the National People's Congress in 2003, a major landmark event in the ongoing struggle for acceptance of queer identity in China.

Directed by Cui Zi'en, China's leading queer theorist, activist and scholar, the documentary includes rarely seen footage of the first ever appearance of gays and lesbians on State television, including Cui Zi'en himself. The film features exclusive interviews with over three dozen leading queer activists, scholars and filmmakers, including Shi Tou, Li Yinhe and Zhang Yuan. The opening night film of 2009's ShanghaiPRIDE, China's first ever LGBT pride festival, QUEER CHINA, 'COMRADE' CHINA is nothing less than the most authoritative account of queer cultural history in China to date.

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** Pusan International Film Festival
** Vancouver International Film Festival
** Best Documentary, 24th Turino GLBT Film Festival
** Best Documentary, Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
** Opening Night Film, Shanghai PRIDE
** Beijing Queer Film Festival
** Pink Screens Film Festival, Brussels
** Calgary GlobalFest FilmFest
** Kosmorama Trondheim Film Festival
** CinemAsia Film Festival


Main credits

Cui, Zi'en (Producer)
Cui, Zi'en (Director)
Jin, Yang (Cinematographer)
Jin, Yang (Film editor)
Ziqiang, Li (Cinematographer)

Other credits

Executive producer, Guo Yaqi, Zhu Rikun; cinematographer, Yang Jin, Li Ziqiang, Fan Popo; editor, Yang Jin, Zhang Jun; music, Qiaoqiao.

Distributor credits

Cui Zi\'en

Docuseek2 subjects

Gay and Lesbian Studies
Gender Studies
Gender and Sexuality
Asian History
Asian Studies

Distributor subjects

Gay and Lesbian Studies
Gay Studies
dGenerate Films Collection - Documentaries


Queer movement; Chinese; homosexual; liberation; Gay; Lesbian; out; coming out; documentary; film; video; DVD; "Queer China; 'Comrade' China"; Icarus Films;

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