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Pride Month Sampler

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The Pride Month Sampler includes the following titles:

108 (Cuchillo de Palo) - image108 (Cuchillo de Palo)

An investigation into the shadowy circumstances of  the death of Rodolfo Costa's, a persecuted gay man; and Paraguay's terrifying "108" homosexual blacklists that ruined lives, careers, and families.

Icarus Films | 2010 | 91 minutes
Between Two-Spirit - imageBetween Two-Spirit

Neither man nor woman, Chris is a 'Two-Spirit,' in between genders.

Icarus Films | 2012 | 76 minutes
Bones of Contention - imageBones of Contention

The first nonfiction feature film to explore the theme of historical memory in Spain, focusing on the repression of lesbians and gays under Franquismo.

Icarus Films | 2017 | 75 minutes
Denial - imageDenial

A film about electricity, identity, family, and about the many ways we lie to ourselves when faced with overwhelming facts. It is the story of a family coming to terms with hard personal truths against the backdrop of a global crisis.

Bullfrog Films | 2017 | 92 minutes | 10 -12, College, Adults
Facing Fear - imageFacing Fear

A former neo-Nazi skinhead and the gay victim of his hate crime meet by chance 25 years later, are reconciled and collaborate in educational presentations.

Bullfrog Films | 2015 | 23 minutes | 9 - 12, College, Adults
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives - imageForbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives

Nine women paint a portrait of lesbian sexuality against a backdrop of lesbian representations in popular culture.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 1992 | 85 minutes
From This Day Forward - imageFrom This Day Forward

Tells the story of a love, and family, that survived the most intimate of transformations.

Bullfrog Films | 2017 | 76 minutes | 6 - 12, College, Adults
I Like Girls - imageI Like Girls

Animated stories of first love.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 2016 | 8 minutes
Inside Out - imageInside Out

Transsexuals in Iran. Intimate conversations with doctors, religious authorities, and transsexuals about the mind/body conflict, Islamic interpretations, and the impact of sex-change treatments on their lives.

Icarus Films | 2006 | 39 minutes | 9-12, College, Adult
Judith Butler - imageJudith Butler

An up-close and personal encounter with this influential philosopher and gender theorist.

Icarus Films | 2006 | 52 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult

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