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24 Hours Jerusalem | 12:30pm Ep 4

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Shot simultaneously by 70 crews, this is a portrait of one day in the life of the world's most famous city full of contradictions, a multi-level unique experience. Behind the harsh politics of our days lie personal daily routines familiar to all.

Following protagonists from all religions and backgrounds 24 HOURS JERUSALEM is an extraordinary message from the heart of a deeply conflicted region.

The broadcast time corresponds with the time the material was shot one year earlier, and so the viewer actually experiences a period of 24 hours almost as it happened in reality.

More than half of the world population believes Jerusalem to be their religious center. The city is an icon since hundreds of years, and makes the news headlines around the world almost every day. Amongst the symbols and politics, daily life of the city’s diverse inhabitants clamors on, intertwining the stories of Jerusalem.