Distributor:  The Fanlight Collection
Length:  13 minutes
Date:  2005
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: College/Adult/Professional
Color/BW:  Color
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Bundle of Blues

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A thoughtful look at post-partum depression, which may affect as many as one in five new mothers.

Bundle of Blues

'How come I couldn't just have a baby and cruise through it like the rest of the world seems to?'

Women who experience postpartum mood disorders may feel that they are all alone, but postpartum depression actually may affect as many as one in five new mothers. Janice first experienced extreme anxiety attacks about three months after her delivery; the first time was after a family party: 'Out of nowhere I felt like a freight train came through the house and knocked me down.'

Monique didn't share her feelings with her family, and felt that it was unacceptable in the black community to seek therapeutic help. 'I was taking everything to the extreme. I thought I was going nuts inside...I was pretty much being held hostage by my obsessive compulsive need to monitor him.' Thomas recalls that after a difficult birth and recovery his wife Carol grew distant and seemed uninterested in her baby. But neither he nor the professionals they consulted realized that she had become suicidal - she eventually hung herself.

This quiet, thoughtful documentary stresses that PPD can happen to any new mother, but that it can be managed. Antidepressants have helped keep Janice stable through the births of her second and third children. Monique has found help and support in a therapy group. Thomas, in his wife's memory, has opened a 'kid-friendly' restaurant where mothers can meet and spend time with their children.

'Recommended. A short but instructive portrait of postpartum depression. Should convince anyone that the 'baby blues' can be a devastating medical problem requiring serious intervention.' -Video Librarian


** Association for Women in Psychology Film Festival
** Western Psychological Association
** Silver Award, National Health Information Awards


Main credits

Down, Serena (film director)
Down, Serena (editor of moving image work)

Other credits

Editor, Serena Down.

Distributor credits

Serena Down

Serena Down

Docuseek2 subjects

Maternal and Child Health

Distributor subjects

Depression and Manic Depression
Fanlight Collection
Parenting and Childbirth
Women's Health


film; video; documentary; postpartum depression; post partum depression; post-partum depression; baby blues; postpartum psychosis; post partum psychosis; post-partum psychosis; feelings of hopelessness; psychotic thoughts; suicide; suicidal ideation; support group; psychology; psychological; psychiatry; psychiatric; medication; anti-depressant; antidepressant; mental health; mental illness; brain disorder; mind; behavior; therapy ; therapy group; disorders; pec indman; shoshana bennett; "Bundle of Blues"; The Fanlight Collection

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