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In the aftermath of a spouse's death, many people describe an 'early daze,' when they feel that they don't know how to behave, or even to mourn properly. Finding themselves alone for the first time in years, grieving spouses often feel that there is no one there to help them sort through this devastation. Within days or weeks following the funeral, most friends and family will go back to their normal lives, leaving the bereaved spouse isolated and alone, to figure out how to go on living without the one person they counted on. This documentary profiles four people at varying stages of dealing with these feelings, as they explain what worked and did not work for them during the months and years after their loss. How did they cope in the first days following the death? What did they do with their loved ones' possessions? What did it feel like when friends stopped calling because they were no longer a part of 'a couple' and others didn't feel comfortable around their pain? How did they maintain a feeling of relationship with the dead spouse while exploring the possibility of a healthy future? The interviewee's candid and deeply personal responses will be supportive for anyone dealing with the death of a spouse. The program is chaptered for easier classroom use.

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Main credits

Fountain, Fred (film producer)
Fountain, Fred (film director)

Other credits

Cameraman/editor, Laurie Edison.

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Family Relations
Grief and Recovery
Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work


film; video; documentary; dvd; death; dying ; grieving ; grief; loss; recovery; bereavement; coping; accident; illness; struggle; searching for meaning; ritual; "Uncoupled"; The Fanlight Collection

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