Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  52 minutes
Date:  2017
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English / English subtitles
Color/BW:  Color
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Why do some books become bestsellers? This documentary examines the phenomenon in today's global publishing industry.


Marc Levy, Ken Follet, P.D. James, Douglas Kennedy and Mary Higgins Clark-all are world-renowned authors read by millions. This phenomenon is nothing new, but has more recently been brought to light by the huge success of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

The question is: why does the entire world take great interest in one book and yet not in another? What are the ingredients for a bestseller? Does a recipe exist? And how does the publishing industry function on a worldwide scale? Vassili Silovic plunges us into this world alongside these writers.

'[BESTSELLER] explores the phenomenon of bestseller books, taking a look at the reasons why certain books become bestsellers and how the publishing industry functions on a worldwide scale. Includes comments from publishers, literary agents, and bestselling authors including Mary Higgins Clark, P.D. James, Ken Follett, Marc Levy, and Franç ois Weyergans.' - WorldCat


Main credits

Silovic, Vassili (film director)
Silovic, Vassili (screenwriter)
Cojean, Annick (screenwriter)

Other credits

Montage, Chantal Hymans; musique originale, Denis Uhalde; image, Olivier Chambon.

Distributor credits

A film by Vassili Silovic and Annick Cojean

Docuseek2 subjects

Communication and Media Studies

Distributor subjects

Media Studies
Streaming only


bestseller; publishing; literature; best-selling book; books; "Bestseller"; Icarus Films; Vassili Silovic; Marc Levy; Ken Follet; P.D. James; Douglas Kennedy; Mary Higgins Clark;

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