Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  28 minutes
Date:  2012
Genre:  Interview
Language:  English
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Islam Unknown (episode 4): Amna Nusayr

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Amna Nusayr discusses sharia and jihad - two notions that she says have been fundamentally misrepresented.

Islam Unknown (episode 4): Amna Nusayr

In this discussion, conducted in her Cairo home, Nusayr focuses the conversation primarily on a discussion of sharia and jihad - two notions that she says have been fundamentally misrepresented.

She separates sharia from cultural traditions - such as those subjugating women - which, she says, do not come from Islam. Islam, she says, tells men and women to be just and loving with each other. Rather than seeing sharia as the application of laws, Nusayr approaches it as having an inner spiritual meaning - an approach that Fons Elders notes is compatible with human rights and equality.

As for jihad, Nusayr again makes a distinction - this time between an internal spiritual struggle, and an external one justified by self-defence. She sees the Arab-Israeli conflict as rooted in politics, not religion, and - for someone who professes to love all nations - offers some controversial criticisms of Jews and the Jewish State.

Ultimately, though, she says that 'our fundamental problem is that we don't know how to love each other.'

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Main credits

Elders, Fons (interviewer)

Other credits

Camera-sound, Maher Al-Sabbagh; editing, Theo Raben; music, David Parsons.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Religion and Spirituality
Philosophy, Critical Thinking and Ethics
History of Religion
Political Philosophy
Netherlands, The

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,"Islam Unknown (episode 4): Amna Nusayr",Icarus Films

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