Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  40 minutes
Date:  2015
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English; Arabic / English subtitles
Color/BW:  Color
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Nefertiti's Daughters

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Female street artists are on the front lines in the fight for freedom in Egypt today.

Nefertiti's Daughters

A story of women, art and revolution, this vibrant film documents the critical role that revolutionary street art played-and is continuing to play-in the political uprising of Egypt. Introducing a cadre of courageous and gifted female artists who are deeply involved in the struggle for social and political justice, NEFERTITI'S DAUGHTERS illustrates the surprising ways that artwork, instead of being relegated to dusty museums and academia, can instead become a powerful tool in the ongoing fight for civil and human rights.

Conversations with prominent Egyptian artists Bahia Shehab, Mira Shihadeh and Salma Samy-each from a different generation-weave throughout the film's narrative. As the women discuss their work and the ways that it is inspired by and responds to a violent and complicated political environment, viewers are offered a rare window into the struggles of living and creating in Egypt today.

For Shebab, Shihadeh and Samy, art can sever many functions: memorializing acts of government brutality; calling potential comrades into the struggle; turning the tables on male predators and sexism; and imagining a world where a woman would be permitted to sing the sacred Adhan, the Muslim call for prayer.

Acclaimed journalist Shahira Amin and art historian Christiane Gruber, author of Creative Dissent: The Arts of the Arab World are among those who add valuable context. As they illustrate, street art has long been a key means of communication and dissent during times of political transformation and social instability in Egypt. Techniques, styles and symbols from Egyptian history are re-appropriated and adapted to become relevant today-including the image of the legendary Queen Nefertiti, a powerful symbol in an ongoing fight for justice.

'Three stories intersect in this compelling short film from director Mark Nickolas: the emergence of Egyptian street art, the oppression of women in the country, and the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak but didn't stop government brutality against Egyptians.' - Aspen Times


** First Prize, Athens Film Festival
** Gold Medal, WorldFest Houston
** Stony Brook Film Festival
** San Joaquin International Film Festival
** Rhode Island Film Festival
** On Location: Memphis Film Festival
** DocUtah Film Festival
** Hamptons Take 2 Doc Fest
** Aspen Shortsfest
** Raindance Film Festival
** Napa Valley Film Festival
** Tallgrass Film Festival
** Heartland Film Festival
** St. Louis International Film Festival


Main credits

Nickolas, Mark (film director)
Nickolas, Mark (film producer)
Nickolas, Mark (film editor)
Najdi, Racha (film director)
Najdi, Racha (film producer)

Other credits

Directors of photography, Oscar Frasser, Mark Nickolas; music by David Murillor.

Distributor credits

A film by Mark Nickolas and Racha Najdi

Docuseek2 subjects

Art and Architecture
Communication and Media Studies
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Middle East and North Africa
Women's Studies
Middle East Studies

Distributor subjects

Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Studies
High School Use
Media Studies
Middle East
Women's Studies


nefertiti; daughters; egypt; mark nickolas; women; art; revolution; graffiti; street; short; rebellion; mubarak; documentary; film; dvd; movie; video; ; "Nefertiti's Daughters"; Icarus Films

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