Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  90 minutes
Date:  2012
Genre:  Expository
Language:  Arabic / English subtitles
Grade level: 10-12, COLLEGE, ADULT
Color/BW:  Color
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Tahrir: Liberation Square

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Director Stefano Savona lived and filmed on the front lines in Tahrir Square, Cairo, to make this film from the heart of the protests that overthrew Mubarak in Egypt last year.

Tahrir: Liberation Square

'Soon after the first reports came about the occupation of Tahrir Square, filmmaker Stefano Savona headed for Cairo, where he stayed, amidst the ever-growing masses in the Square, for weeks. His film introduces us to young Egyptians such as Elsayed, Noha and Ahmed, spending all day and night talking, shouting, singing, finally expressing everything they were forbidden to say out loud until now.

'As the protests grow in intensity, the regime's repression becomes more violent, with the terrifying potential for massacre never far away. TAHRIR is a film written in the faces, hands, and voices of those who experienced this period in the Square. It is a day-to-day account of the Egyptian revolution, capturing the anger, fear, resolve and finally elation of those who made it happen.' (New York Film Festival description)

'A welcome contrast to the Western media's bird's eye view of the seismic January revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the energetic verite documentary TAHRIR dives right into the action.' -Eric Kohn, indieWIRE

'The sense of urgency never flags; neither does the protestors' deeply affecting pride in being Egyptian and finally taking control of their destiny. As one woman says, 'We have our dignity back.'' -Jay Weissberg, Variety

Captures the fierce attitude of the crowd and the intense spirit of their determination. It's informative -- and thrilling. -Jennifer Merin, About.com

'TAHRIR records thrillingly the raw chaos of history, gives us the guts of revolt and will fascinate for years to come whatever besets the abused nation who is the film's main character.' -James Woodall, The Arts Desk

'TAHRIR: LIBERATION SQUARE has a 'you are there' quality that brings the Egyptian stage of the Arab Spring viscerally alive, and therefore will serve as a useful complement to more conventional documentaries about the uprising.' -Video Librarian

'The revolution documented in Stefano Savona's TAHRIR: LIBERATION SQUARE is not the sexy revolution of the media. Instead, Stefano Savona captures an organic Egyptian revolution -- one of patience, uncertainty, and fraternity.' -Al Jadid: A Review and Record of Arab Culture and Arts


** Official Selection, 2012 DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver
** Official Selection, 2011 New York Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2011 DocLisboa
** Official Selection, 2011 Belfort International Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2011 Dubai international Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2011 Watch Docs Warsaw International Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2011 DOC POINT Helsinki Documentary Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
** Winner, 2011 International Competition Tasca d'Almerita Award, SalinaDocFest
** Winner, Grand Prize, 2011 Traces de vies Documentary Film Festival
** World Premiere, 2011 Locarno Film Festival


Main credits

Savona, Stefano (film director)
Savona, Stefano (cinematographer)
Bortoluzzi, Penelope (film producer)
Alessi, Marco (film producer)

Distributor credits

Stefano Savona

Docuseek2 subjects

Citizenship, Social Movements and Activism
Middle Eastern History
Politics and Political Science
Middle East Studies

Distributor subjects

Middle East
Political Science
Social Movements
US and Canadian Broadcast Rights


Tahrir; Tahrir Square; Egypt; Egyptian; Cairo; Arab Spring; Stefano Savona; uprising; government; change; demonstration ; Liberation Square; Mubarak; documentary; film; video; DVD; "Tahrir: Liberation Square"; Icarus Films;

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