Distributor:  Kartemquin Films
Length:  33 minutes
Date:  1980
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Color/BW:  Black and White
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Taylor Chain I: A Story in a Union Local

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The gritty realities of a seven-week strike at a small Indiana chain factory during 1973-74.

Taylor Chain I: A Story in a Union Local

Taylor Chain I tells the gritty realities of a seven-week strike at a small Indiana chain factory during 1973-74. Volatile union meetings and tension-filled interactions on the picket line provide an inside view of the tensions and conflicts inherent to labor negotiations. Due to a lack of funds and a fire at Kartemquin which necessitated a re-edit of the film, the film was not released until 1980. Filming then began a year later on Taylor Chain II: A Story of Collective Bargaining

"One of the most startling events in the history of television documentaries was the live unfiltered broadcasts of the MacCarthy hearings - Jerry Blumenthal and Gordon Quinn's tape has some of the same excitement. They were allowed to film extremely heated union caucuses and the entire round of contract negotiations at an industrial plant in Hammond, Indiana. Their cinema verite style makes the union meetings in Silkwood look as thrilling and substantial as a bowl of mashed potatoes." —The Village Voice, 1984


Award of Merit International Labor Press Association 1981 Official Selection Ferrera, Italy, Festival 1981 Featured Critical Communications Conference 1981 Official Selection Big Muddy Film Festival 1981 Official Selection Great Lakes Film Festival 1980 William Friedkin Award Chicago International Film Festival 1980 Featured LIPA "Cabeline" Series Featured PBS Non-Fiction Television Series


Main credits

Other credits

Camera, Gordon Quinn; sound, Jerry Blumenthal.

Distributor credits

Vicki Cooper Richard Schmiechen
Jerry Blumenthal Gordon Quinn

Docuseek2 subjects

Labor History
Trade Unions
Late 20th Century (U.S. History)
Economic History
The Industrial Heartland
Labor Economics

Distributor subjects



Kartemquin Films; Politics; Social Issues; Short Films; Labor; Organizing; Manufacturing; Strike; Factory; Union; "Taylor Chain I: A Story in a Union Local"; Kartemquin Films;

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