Return to the Body

Rebecca Torosian has a hard time explaining what she does. She is a surrogate partner therapist, which according to Wikipedia means she "engages in education and often intimate physical contact and/or sexual activity with clients to achieve a therapeutic goal". Rebecca has, for over a decade, worked with men (and a few women) who suffer from some sort of sexual functioning disorder. Men, of all ages, with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual shyness are among her most common clients.

Rob is family man and former lawyer who 5 years ago was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. The surgery that saved his life has left him with performance issues. That cure has made it difficult for him to maintain a consistent sexual relationship with his wife, which is ultimately what led him to Rebecca. Return to the Body intimately tracks Rob's progress during his sessions with Rebecca as he explores the importance of mind and body and it's connection to sexual function. What remains to be seen is if the physical nature of his problem can be overcome through these methods.

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Main credits

Torosian, Rebecca (on-screen participant)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)
McLaughlin, Tim (editor of moving image work)
Ellis, Andrew Michael (film producer)
Ellis, Andrew Michael (editor of moving image work)
Ellis, Andrew Michael (cinematographer)
Storm, Brian (film director)
Storm, Brian (film producer)

Other credits

Director of photography, Andrew Michael Ellis.

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health, psychology, women studies, relationships, sociology, sexuality


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