Distributor:  MediaStorm
Length:  18 minutes
Date:  2008
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 4-12, college, adults
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
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An Apollo Legend

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One night a week, the stage at the Apollo Theater is an amateur's battleground, where performers have competed for stardom since 1934. Today, the legend of Ella Fitzgerald lives on in the hearts of those who pray for their own big break.

An Apollo Legend

Decades before American Idol and America's Got Talent captured the attention of millons on TV, the world renowned Apollo Theater in Harlem started hosting its popular Amateur Night, which launched the careers of Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix, among many other famous African American artists. Still as vibrant and popular today as it was in 1934, one night a week the stage becomes an amateur's battleground, where emotions run high and dreams are both made and broken.

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Main credits

Sacha, Bob (film producer)

Other credits

Reporting & editing, Ricky Montalvo, Bernadette Tuazon, Evan Vucci.

Distributor credits

Brian Storm

A film by: MediaStorm
Reporting and Editing: Evan Vucci, Ricky Montalvo, Bernadette Tuazon
Additional Reporting: Bob Sacha
Editor and Producer: Bob Sacha
Additional Production: Eric Maierson
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Workshop Director: Jessica Stuart
Director and Executive Producer: Brian Storm

Docuseek2 subjects

New York City
African-American Studies

Distributor subjects

African American Studies, American Studies, Creativity, Cultural Anthropology, Harlem, Music, New York City, Performace Artists, Sociology, Urban Studies


MediaStorm, Bob Sacha, multimedia, Brian Storm, Ricky Montalvo, Bernadette Tuazon, Evan Vucci, Harlem, Apollo Theater, Amateur Night, black theatre; "An Apollo Legend"; MediaStorm

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