Distributor:  MediaStorm
Length:  9 minutes
Date:  2011
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 4-12, college, adults
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
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Nine Digits

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Nine Digits tells the story of Cesar, an undocumented teenager fighting for U.S. citizenship. While revealing his status could jeopardize his family, Cesar feels like he has no other choice.

Nine Digits

Cesar is one of over a million undocumented youth who live in the United States. He is completely integrated into American culture and wants to become a citizen. As a form of protest, Cesar and many other undocumented youth have publicly revealed their status, hoping to shape future legislation that may give them a path to citizenship. While revealing his status could jeopardize his family, Cesar feels like he has no other choice.

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Main credits

Bulisova, Gabriela (filmmaker)
Bulisova, Gabriela (photographer)
Bulisova, Gabriela (videographer)
Davenport, Meredith (filmmaker)
Davenport, Meredith (photographer)
Davenport, Meredith (videographer)
Baumann, Dominik (filmmaker)
Baumann, Dominik (editor of moving image work)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)
Redfearn, Jennifer (film producer)

Other credits

Photography & video, Gabriela Bulisova, Meredith Davenport; editor, Dominik Baumann.

Distributor credits

Brian Storm

A film by: MediaStorm
Photography & Video: Gabriela Bulisova, Meredith Davenport
Editor: Dominik Baumann
Editor and Producer: Tim McLaughlin, Jennifer Redfearn
Associate Producer: Lauren Rosenfeld
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Director and Executive Producer: Brian Storm

Docuseek2 subjects

Immigration and Refugees

Distributor subjects

American Studies, Latino Studies, family issues, children and youth, immigration, social justice, law and advocacy, urban studies


The Dream Act, immigration, Ecuador, New York City, U.S. Congress, citizenship, undoceumented, legislation, Nine Digits, socia security number, Senate, deportation, Nelson Castro, Bronx assemblyman,; "Nine Digits"; MediaStorm

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