Distributor:  MediaStorm
Length:  13 minutes
Date:  2011
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 4-12, college, adults
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
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A Thousand More

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A family is determined to give their disabled son a whole and vital life. In the midst of a great burden, one small child — with a seemingly endless supply of love — is the blessing that holds a family together.

A Thousand More

A Thousand More is the inspiring story of one family's determination to give their son a whole and vital life, despite suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In the midst of a great burden, one small child — with a seemingly endless supply of love — can be the blessing that holds a family together.

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Main credits

Mayer, Philly (interviewee)
Maierson, Eric (film producer)

Other credits

Photography & video: Kristina Budelis, Piotr Malecki, Jeff Rhode; interview [camera], Kristina Budelis; director of photography, Rick Gershon.

Distributor credits

Brian Storm

A film by: MediaStorm
Photography & Video: Piotr Maleck, Kristina Budelis, Jeff Rhode
Interview: Kristina Budelis
Director of Photography: Rick Gershon
Editor and Producer: Eric Maierson
Associate Producer: Leandro Badalotti
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Director and Executive Producer: Brian Storm

Docuseek2 subjects

Genetic Disorders

Distributor subjects

Children & youth, death & dying, Disability, Family, genetic disorders, health, sociology, spinal muscular atrophy


multimedia, journalism, photography, storytelling, HDSLR, MediaStorm, documentary, Piotr Malecki, Jeff Rhode, Kristina Budelis, Kristina Budelis, Rick Gershon, Leandro Badalotti, Eric Maierson, Brian Storm, Angela, Phillip, Philly, SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, genetics, gene, disability, inspiration, children, child, power chair, wheelchair, video games, MediaStorm multimedia workshop, movie, church, religion, faith; "A Thousand More"; MediaStorm

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