Distributor:  National Film Board of Canada
Length:  51 minutes
Date:  2001
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
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Donna's Story

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An intimate portrait of a fiercely determined survivor -- Donna, a Cree woman who left behind a bleak existence on the streets.

Donna's Story

An intimate portrait of a fiercely determined survivor, Donna's Story profiles a Cree woman who left behind a bleak existence on the streets. She has re-emerged as a powerful voice counselling Aboriginal adults and youth about abuse and addiction.Donna Gamble was raised in foster homes, addicted to drugs and caught up in prostitution by the age of 13. The camera unravels her exhilarating and tumultuous journey: her motivation to turn her life around, her work to keep others off the streets and the renewal of personal relationships with her family and children. With courage and candour, Donna also reveals an ongoing struggle with addiction, exposing the rage and pain of abuse that can haunt even the strongest person.

Doug Cuthand's absorbing documentary also introduces Donna's mother and daughters. With extraordinary purpose, these women hope to shatter the cycle of addiction and abuse that has affected generations of their family

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Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan Showcase, 16-Nov-2002


Main credits

Cuthand, Doug (film director)
Krepakevich, Jerry (film producer)

Other credits

Editor, Harley Michailuck; director of photography, George Hupka; music composer, Ross Nykiforuk.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Women's Studies
Addiction and Substance Abuse
Indigenous Studies
Family Issues
Child Abuse
Youth Issues

Distributor subjects

Children and Youth
Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Health and Medicine
Sexuality and Reproduction
Adult child sexual abuse victims
Teenage prostitution
Indians of North America


; "Donna's Story"; National Film Board of Canada

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