Distributor:  National Film Board of Canada
Length:  92 minutes
Date:  2010
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
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The Future Is Now!

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A journalist works to show "The Man of Today" that the future really does matter by introducing him to great artists and scientists working today.

The Future Is Now!

In this entertaining film a journalist (Liane Balaban) meets "The Man of Today" (Paul Ahmarani) who, while a responsible citizen, is disengaged from greater society. He believes once he's dead nothing more matters! As an experiment to see if she can turn his pessimistic view around, the journalist sends him on a journey of enlightenment to prove that the future does matter. Traveling the globe, he finds himself in surprising encounters with great minds in the arts and sciences. Starting with an unexpected poetry reading and conversation with experimental poet Christian Bök, "The Man of Today" engages with architect Shigeru Ban, activist Francis Dupuis-Déri, philosopher Alain de Botton, artist Marlene Dumas, novelist Rivka Galchen, leading scientists and a ghost. Will the journalist succeed in turning a cynic into an optimist? Will it matter? What can one person do?

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Main credits

Burns, Gary (film director)
Burns, Gary (screenwriter)
Brown, Jim (film director)
Brown, Jim (screenwriter)
Vercruysse, Shirley (film producer)
Baptist, George (film producer)
Thompson, Bonnie (film producer)
Balaban, Liane (actor)
Ahmarani, Paul (actor)

Other credits

Composer, John Abram; editor, Paul Mortimer; cinematographer, Patrick McLaughlin.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Future Studies
Social Issues

Distributor subjects

Film and Video Arts
Time perspective
Civilization, Modern


; "The Future Is Now!"; National Film Board of Canada; Christian Bök; "The Man of Today"; Shigeru Ban; Francis Dupuis- Déri; Alain de Botton; Marlene Dumas; Rivka Galchen;

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