Distributor:  National Film Board of Canada
Length:  25 minutes
Date:  2007
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
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Gene Boy Came Home

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Eugene "Gene Boy" Benedict left the Odanak Indian Reserve at the age of 15; adrift at 17 he joined the U.S. Marines on a dare, and ended up in the midst of the Vietnam War. This moving film from Alanis Obomsawin traces his journey there, and back to Odanak.

Gene Boy Came Home

Eugene "Gene Boy" (pronounced Genie Boy) Benedict was raised by his Great Uncle and Aunt on the Odanak Indian Reserve an hour and a half east of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He left home at age 15 to work in construction in New York State. At 17, adrift and beginning to lose his way, he accepted a dare and enlisted in the US Marines. A few months later, he was on his way to the frontlines of the Vietnam War. Gene Boy Came Home is the harrowing and deeply moving story of his two years of service in Vietnam and his long journey back to Odanak afterwards. At this critical point in the world's history, celebrated filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin turns her camera on the ugliness of war through the eyes of one survivor. Her new documentary will resonate with all those who have been touched by war, and with anyone who has had to travel the painful path of healing that eventually leads home.

“An intelligent, beautiful film. A gift. Thank you Alanis. I wish i could say "Thank you" to Gene Boy. Peace. Sue”


Main credits

Obomsawin, Alanis (film director)
Obomsawin, Alanis (screenwriter)
Obomsawin, Alanis (film producer)

Other credits

Edited by Alison Burns; camera, Philippe Amiguet; original music, Francis Grandmont.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Indigenous Studies
Vietnam Era
War and Peace

Distributor subjects

War, Conflict and Peace
Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Documentary films


; "Gene Boy Came Home"; National Film Board of Canada; Odanak Indian Reserve; Alanis Obomsawin; Vietnam War;

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