Distributor:  National Film Board of Canada
Length:  78 minutes
Date:  2012
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English; French
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Silence Is Gold

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A political and legal thriller about the attempt of mining companies to silence a critical exposé.

Silence Is Gold

What are the limits to freedom of speech? Can we put a price on our spoken and written words?

Following the 2008 release of the book Noir Canada, author Alain Deneault, his co-writers and his publisher, Éditions Écosociété, grappled with these questions -- at great personal expense -- after being sued for defamation in Quebec and Ontario courts by two large Canadian mining companies. Deneault and his publisher fought back, becoming entangled in a seemingly never-ending spiral of judicial proceedings.

Silence Is Gold is a political and legal thriller of a documentary that unfolds behind the scenes of the Canadian justice system. Without judging or wading into the merits of the cases, filmmaker Julien Fréchette leads us through the twists and turns of the pre-trial legal proceedings, as we eagerly anticipate a resolution that is continually delayed

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Main credits

Fréchette, Julien (film director)
Fréchette, Julien (screenwriter)
Chartier, Jean-Simon (film producer)
Loumède, Colette (film producer)
Deneault, Alain (participant)

Other credits

Director of photography, Étienne Boilard; editor, Andrea Henriquez; original music, Dany Nicolas, Zoé Dumais.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Mining Sector
Journalism and the Press
Civil Law
Civil Rights

Distributor subjects

Law and Crime
Media and Communication
Mineral industries
Trials (Libel)


; "Silence Is Gold"; National Film Board of Canada; freedom of speech; mining; expose; publishing;

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