Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  52 minutes
Date:  1995
Genre:  Expository
Language:  Not available
Grade level: 10-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
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Seven Songs for Malcolm X

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An homage to the inspirational African-American civil rights leader.

Seven Songs for Malcolm X

Seven Songs for Malcolm X is included in a special DVD Box Set with The Last Angel of History and The Nine Muses Seven Songs for Malcolm X is included on the same DVD with The Last Angel of History An homage to the inspirational African-American civil rights leader, SEVEN SONGS FOR MALCOLM X collects testimonies, eyewitness accounts and dramatic reenactments to tell the life, legacy, loves, and losses of Malcolm X.

Featuring interviews with Malcolm's widow Betty Shabazz, Spike Lee, and many other, SEVEN SONGS looks for the meaning behind the resurgence of interest in the man whose X always stood for the unknown.

'What makes Seven Songs so provocative is that Akomfrah shows respect for many different interpretations of Malcolm, suggesting that this revolutionary figure belongs to everybody.' -The Chicago Reader

'[SEVEN SONGS FOR MALCOLM X] combines riveting footage of the man himself, extracts from his writing, recollections of his family, friends and fellow activists, with [brief] staged tableaux. It's all here: Malcolm X's charisma, the struggle to clarify his beliefs, and the context in which they evolved... an engrossing portrait.'-Geoff Ellis, Time Out (London)


** Best Feature Length Documentary, 1994 Image D'Ailleurs (Paris)
** Certificate of Merit, 1994 San Francisco Film Festival
** Best Historical Documentary and Audience Special Merit Awards Winner, 1993 National Black Programming Consortium
** Best Use of Archival Footage in a Documentary, 1993 Chicago Film Festival


Main credits

Akomfrah, John (film director)
Akomfrah, John (screenwriter)
Gopaul, Lina (film producer)
George, Edward (screenwriter)

Other credits

Written & researched by John Akomfrah and Edward George; director of photography, Arthur Jafa; editor, Joy Chamberlain.

Distributor credits

the Black Audio Film Collective

the Black Audio Film Collective

A Film by John Akomfrah

Docuseek2 subjects

African-American Studies
American Studies
Civil Rights
U.S. History
Black History
American (U.S.) Studies

Distributor subjects

American Studies
Civil Rights
History (U.S.)


John; Akomfrah; Malcolm X; Malcolm; X; Black; Audio; Film; Collective; documentary; video; "Seven Songs for Malcolm X"; Icarus Films

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