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Titles added in the last six months

Note: If your institution subscribes to The Docuseek Complete Collection, some of these titles may not be available for viewing at your institution until the next quarterly update in June.

Island in Between

A personal, poetic look at the uneasy peace on the frontline between Taiwan and China. Added June 7, 2024

dGenerate Films | 2023 | 20 minutes

Stories of Honor and Shame

Through a series of remarkable personal accounts, fifteen women reveal their roles in the patriarchal Islamic society of the Gaza Strip where men dictate most aspects of life. Added June 6, 2024

Icarus Films | 1996 | 58 minutes

Where Can We Live In Peace?

The moving and inspirational story of the ABBA migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico, where Pastor Ignacio helps thousands of migrants. Added June 6, 2024

Bullfrog Films | 2023 | 64 minutes | 10-12, College, Adults

Reimagining Safety

Ten experts discuss practical alternatives to policing and incarceration following the 2020 murder of George Floyd. Added June 5, 2024

GOOD DOCS | 2023 | 83 minutes | 10-12, College, Adults

Dance Camera West Showcase 2024

Dance Camera West presents the 22nd edition of its internationally renowned Los Angeles-based film festival committed to exploring dance in the context of cinema. Added May 29, 2024

Dance Camera West | 2024 | 100 minutes

There Goes the Neighborhood

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD intimately follows an extended Black family of View Park-Windsor Hills, California as they experience changes due to gentrification and reflect on their shifting community. Added May 24, 2024

Women Make Movies | 2016 | 27 minutes | College, Adults

Waging Change

WAGING CHANGE shines a light on an American struggle hidden in plain sight: the women-led movement to end the federal tipped minimum wage for restaurant workers. Added May 24, 2024

Women Make Movies | 2019 | 61 minutes | College, Adults

What Doesn’t Kill Me

Every day, 5 million children in the U.S. either witness or are victims of domestic violence. Added May 24, 2024

Women Make Movies | 2017 | 82 minutes | College, Adults

A Different Image

An extraordinary, poetic portrait of a beautiful young African American woman attempting to escape becoming a sex object and to discover her true heritage Added May 24, 2024

Women Make Movies | 1982 | 52 minutes | College, Adults

Call Me Human

Innu writer Joséphine Bacon travels across Canada, sharing reflections and stories backdropped by the film’s stunning cinematography. Added May 24, 2024

Women Make Movies | 2020 | 77 minutes | College, Adults